#2: Testing…Testing

A short update: I finally updated Vocabulary: Animals with way more animals and species, grouped them, arranged everything alphabetically, and also added audio! Let me know if the audio is clear enough. I was thinking of perhaps separating the audio into a new column, and adding the scientific name of the species as well. Would … Read more

#1: What’s New

Nepalgo was started more than 10 years ago in Tumblr, and over the years it has grown into the site it is now today. Those were the glory days with no standardization; line breaks didn’t work, the transliterations were all over the place, the images were all super low resolution among other things. I remember … Read more

Conjunctions: Coordinating

INTRODUCTION Did you know that Whitney Houston’s favourite coordination is hand-eyeeeee? No? It’s still alright, because we will be looking at coordinating today. What are they? Put simply, coordinating conjunctions are conjunctions that are placed between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences of equal rank in terms of syntactic importance. What is equal rank? Equal rank in the most … Read more