#2: Testing…Testing

A short update: I finally updated Vocabulary: Animals with way more animals and species, grouped them, arranged everything alphabetically, and also added audio! Let me know if the audio is clear enough. I was thinking of perhaps separating the audio into a new column, and adding the scientific name of the species as well. Would this be a good idea?

Bug fix 11.05.2023: Due to a bug, the audio wasn’t working. It has been fixed now, hopefully.

Animalजनावर (janāwar)
Bearभालु (bhālu)
Buffaloभैँसी (bhai~sī)
Animalजनावर (janāwar)
Bearभालु (bhālu)Ursidae
Buffaloभैँसी (bhai~sī)Bubalus bubalis

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