Often you will find a lot of abbreviations used with words…but what do they mean? Abbreviations are often used to disambiguate terms when the context is not clear enough, or to highlight important concepts.

[dat.]DativeThe word is in the dative case in Nepali
[emp.]EmphaticEmphatic form (emphasized) of a word
[f.]FormalFormal form of a word
[fem.]FeminineSubject or word is feminine
[hr]High respectOne of the three honorifics, high respect is the highest level
[inf.]InformalInformal form of a word
[lit.]LiterallyThe word is literally translated
[lr]Low respectOne of the three honorifics, low respect is the lowest level
[med.]MedicalMedical term
[mr]Medium RespectOne of the three honorifics, medium respect is in between
[off.]OffensiveWords that may be or are considered to be offensive, vulgar slang or rude