Song: Rato Ra Chandra Surya – Ambar Gurung

Here is another patriotic song that almost every Nepali knows. This is also one of those ‘old’ songs that did not mention the Monarch in any way, so it is still surviving till this day sung proudly. This song is so good that I just cannot leave out the Nepali lyrics this time. I had to … Read more

Song: Yo Nepali Sir Uchali – Prem Dhoj Pradhan, Tara Devi

INTRODUCTION A great way to learn Nepali and its culture is through songs. There are a lot of old patriotic Nepali songs that almost every Nepali person knows; while most songs praised the erstwhile kings in some way, a few simply celebrated the glory of the Nepalese. One such song is यो नेपाली शिर उचाली … Read more

Expressing Feelings And Emotions

INTRODUCTION When I sat down to type this lesson, I was torn whether to put this one first or something else. However, I ultimately decided to go with this one because time is of the essence. Not really. There are times where you feel happy, sad, angry etc. Emotions are after all what makes us … Read more

Guffgaff: Nepali Vs. Hindi

First, I’d like to change the previous name ‘gaffgaaff’ to ‘guffgaff’ because it looks better on the eye. Secondly, I enjoyed doing this because it shows the differences between the two languages. Lastly, I am not creating something akin to a boxing competition. I am merely showing how Nepali differs, and is similar to Hindi and vice … Read more

Obligation And Permission In Nepali

OBLIGATION There are a few times you are obliged to do something or perform an action, for example, I have to keep this blog running (but I seem to be terrible at it). Maybe, you have to attend someone’s wedding or someone needs to go to the dentist. These things are called ‘obligations’ where you ‘have to’ … Read more


In Traditional (English) grammar, a clause is said to consist of a subject and a predicate. However, let’s not truly think of clauses in that way in Nepali.Instead, clauses can be defined in another way. A clause is a unit of grammatical organization next below the sentence in rank. That means, it is the smallest … Read more


Previously I told I would tell more about phrases. Drum rolls please *durrrr* As a recap, phrase are simply group of related words within a sentence which lacks both a subject and a predicate. A sentence may be made up of many phrases! Phrases are called वाक्यांश (bakyansha) in Nepali.   NOMINAL PHRASES Nominal phrases, … Read more

Cardinal, Ordinal And Nominal Numbers

Let’s talk about mathematics today. This is a short post but should help you use cardinal, ordinal and nominal numbers in Nepali. It isn’t that difficult, to be honest! CARDINAL NUMBERS Cardinal numbers are numbers denoting quantity, meaning you use them to count. What are the Pope’s favourite numbers?= Cardinal Numbers They answer questions like … Read more


INTRODUCTION When you compare two similar (or dissimilar objects) in English, we use words like ’Like’ or ’as’. For example, we maysay ’She has a pen like yours’ or ‘John eats like a glutton’ (sorry John). When we do so, we are comparing two objects using the connector ’like’.  Hence, you are finding similarity between two … Read more