Guffgaff: Momo

INTRODUCTION They resemble little pieces of the Moon. They taste like the heavens itself. It’s perfection wrapped in muchheko maida (dough of white flour). Offer it and no one can refuse it; the de facto national food of Nepal, मम: (ideally ‘mamah’ but is written more as ‘momo’) has been warming the hearts, souls and obviously the tummies of millions of Nepalis … Read more

Guffgaff: Nepali Vs. Hindi

First, I’d like to change the previous name ‘gaffgaaff’ to ‘guffgaff’ because it looks better on the eye. Secondly, I enjoyed doing this because it shows the differences between the two languages. Lastly, I am not creating something akin to a boxing competition. I am merely showing how Nepali differs, and is similar to Hindi and vice … Read more

Guffgaff: Rice Queen

I wanted the title to be a pun, but a-rice-ing a pun was too difficult for me. Too bad… Have you been to Nepal? If yes, then you certainly know about Dal and Bhat. You might have had also tasted it! Well, today I will tell about the cultural aspects that Rice holds in Nepal.  First, let’s see … Read more

Guffgaff: Superstitions

Every society has superstitions, and Nepali happened to have, too. Superstitions are called अन्धविश्वास (andhabishwas) in Nepali. andhabishwas consists of two words, ‘andha’ which means blind and bishwas which means faith or trust. So ‘andhabishwas’ literally means ’Blind Trust’ or ’Blind Faith’. Here are some noteworthy superstitions you might want to check out: Whistling at Night: If you whistle during night times, then you are asking the devil or … Read more

Guffgaff: Jokes

Sorry for not posting for a week. Internet service was unavailable due to ‘sever problems’. Never mind that. I added a new section of short lessons with the hashtag (or tile or whatever you like to call it) ’Guffgaff’ (previously called Gaffgaaff). Gaffgaaff literally means ’gossip’ but here I’ll be using it for short lessons, tales, stories, trivia … Read more