Conjunctions: Introduction

INTRODUCTION The Hydra is a mythical creature in Greek mythology that resembles a grotesque serpent with many heads. However, its body is still singular, and this “many heads” representation resembles the demon king Ravana from Hindu mythology, who was a man with 10 heads. One could say that their heads were conjoined, though I think one could argue … Read more

Postpositions: Introduction

INTRODUCTION  Imagine your old teacher whittling you away with prepositions, how it functions, and why prepositions are things you never end your sentences with. Can you ever escape the nightmare? With Nepali, you can! Featuring only postpositions, you no longer have to ever worry about ending your sentences with prepositions ever again. But in a … Read more

Quantity: Introduction

Over the next few lessons we will be focusing on Quantity. Quantity is the amount or number of a material or an immaterial substance. Hence, we will be seeing how to assign quantity words in sentences. Quantity words are only used with nouns. That means, they are used to describe an amount of an object (noun). There … Read more

Honorific Speech: Introduction

What influences a language’s lexical and grammatical parts? The society that speaks it, of course. Culture defines what you will speak. Here, in Nepal, we have a system called ’Honorific Speech’ which differentiates speech between various levels of Respect. You don’t talk the same way (use the same wordings) to your seniors as you would … Read more

Gendered Speech: Introduction

Nepali – apart from having an honourific speech system – has something which is called ’Differentiation in Speech according to Gender’ which is just a fancy word for saying ’Gendered Speech’. While differentiation in Gender affects Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs alike, it surprisingly does NOT affect Pronouns. Also, it doesn’t affect Adverbs, Interjections etc. Since … Read more

Negative Verb Conjugation: Introduction

INTRODUCTION There are several moments when you want to express a thing negatively. Is your latte not as good as expected? Perhaps, you are not hungry? Maybe, you don’t want to go to that restaurant today. Of course, you can always say “Well, this latte is really bad” but maybe, you want to conjugate the verb itself to denote the state. What … Read more

Cases And Case Markers: Introduction

INTRODUCTION One of the more dreaded things while learning other languages are cases. This is especially true if you are a native English speaker because English by itself does not really have cases. Well, that would be misleading as all languages do have some cases. Cases are simply forms of words that express what they do in … Read more

Introduction to Nepali

INTRODUCTION Namaste! You now know how to greet someone in Nepali. Nepali is a language spoken in Nepal, India, and other places, and is the lingua franca and the official language of Nepal. Nepal is a small country located between India and China, and is home to the highest mountain in the world, the Mount … Read more