Gendered Speech: Adjectives

Last time you learnt how to convert gender between nouns. This time, you will learn how to convert gender of adjectives.  An adjective is a type of word which modifies a noun to describe it. An example of an adjective in English is ’Cold’. Translating, you get ‘चिसो’ (chiso). You will encounter two types of Adjectives. They are: … Read more

Gendered Speech: Nouns

You have already been briefed about ‘Gendered Speech’ in the previous lesson. Just in brief, Gendered Speech is a type of differentiation in speech according to the object’s gender. As you know, there are three genders in Nepali. They are:  Most of the times, neutral words are sometimes masculine words too. That doesn’t mean neutral words … Read more

Gendered Speech: Introduction

Nepali – apart from having an honourific speech system – has something which is called ’Differentiation in Speech according to Gender’ which is just a fancy word for saying ’Gendered Speech’. While differentiation in Gender affects Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs alike, it surprisingly does NOT affect Pronouns. Also, it doesn’t affect Adverbs, Interjections etc. Since … Read more