Adjective Order In Nepali

Nepali is a Subject + Object + Verb language. Hence, verbs come at the end of the sentence. That means, John oranges ate would be a standard sentence. Here, John would be the subject whereas Oranges would be the object.  Adjectives, like in English, comes before the word it modifies. Hence, the word order would be like: Adjective + Noun  So, ’thulo ghar’ … Read more

Gendered Speech: Adjectives

Last time you learnt how to convert gender between nouns. This time, you will learn how to convert gender of adjectives.  An adjective is a type of word which modifies a noun to describe it. An example of an adjective in English is ’Cold’. Translating, you get ‘चिसो’ (chiso). You will encounter two types of Adjectives. They are: … Read more

Vocabulary: Adjectives

INTRODUCTION Adjectives are words which qualify a noun or a noun phrase to give it more depth, characteristic or information. For example, the adjective is in bold in the sentence below: Adjectives are called विशेषण (viśeṣaṇ) in Nepali. Use of adjectives is described in Sentence Structure. Note | Some translations are approximate as its use depends on the context. … Read more

Sentence Structure

INTRODUCTION There is an urban legend that goes something like this: Reasercehrs at Cabmrdige Uniervisty haev disocvreed that yuor mnid can raed this… a bored person, probably It’s an approach that claims the human brain can make out words (and thus the sentence) solely from the position of the initial and final letters, and the … Read more