Adverb: Pani

You will also benefit from it. Strictly speaking, पनि (pani) is not a particle. It is an adverb, much like ‘soon’ or ‘already’. Well, it is not a surprise since the title blasts what it really is. पनि (pani) is an adverb with meaning of: Also; too. . The reason why this particular adverb gets a separate lesson is because … Read more

Vocabulary: Adverbs

INTRODUCTION Adverbs are those words which modify the meaning of a verb, an adjective or even other adverbs. Adverbs are very important, as they expand upon the action’s or the description’s quantity, location, manner or time of occurrence. For example, an adverb (in bold) in English would be:It is raining heavily. Adverbs are called क्रियाविशेषण (kriyāviśeṣaṇ) in Nepali, coming … Read more

Sentence Structure

INTRODUCTION There is an urban legend that goes something like this: Reasercehrs at Cabmrdige Uniervisty haev disocvreed that yuor mnid can raed this… a bored person, probably It’s an approach that claims the human brain can make out words (and thus the sentence) solely from the position of the initial and final letters, and the … Read more