Negative Verb Conjugation: Future Tense

INTRODUCTION Negative Future Tense is one of the three negative tenses in Nepali, used to denote or express actions that will not occur in the future. It can also be used to denote a state that currently will not exist. In Nepali, the negative future tense is called अकरण भविष्यत् काल (akaraṇ bhaviṣyat kāl). For example, … Read more

Negative Verb Conjugation: Introduction

INTRODUCTION There are several moments when you want to express a thing negatively. Is your latte not as good as expected? Perhaps, you are not hungry? Maybe, you don’t want to go to that restaurant today. Of course, you can always say “Well, this latte is really bad” but maybe, you want to conjugate the verb itself to denote the state. What … Read more