Quantity: Describing More + All

Can we mere more-tals successfully make out what more is? Perhaps, the more we think of it, the more we do not understand it. Hmm…I think I have heard this quote somewhere. Smore. ZZZ Let’s look over words that describe ’more’ in Nepali! As an added bonus, I have added how to use ‘all’ (sabai) … Read more

Quantity: Describing Less + Only

There are certain times when we have clearly thought less is always more. Perhaps, less spicy food might have had save you from your early morning rendezvous with the toilet or less problems are always better.  This time, we will be looking over words that describe less and as an added bonus, how to use the word … Read more

Quantity: Dherai, Thorai

The first quantity expressing words we will be looking at will be धेरै (dherai) and थोरै (thorai). Dherai denotes more quantity while thorai denotes less quantity. DHERAI धेरै (dherai) denotes more quantity, hence has a meaning of ‘more’ or ‘much’. Sometimes, the meaning can also be ‘a lot of’.  It is entirely optional to add the pluralizing ’haru’ after countable nouns … Read more

Quantity: Introduction

Over the next few lessons we will be focusing on Quantity. Quantity is the amount or number of a material or an immaterial substance. Hence, we will be seeing how to assign quantity words in sentences. Quantity words are only used with nouns. That means, they are used to describe an amount of an object (noun). There … Read more