Postpositions: Temporal

INTRODUCTION Time flies like an arrow, and fruit flies like a banana. Time and time again we hear more about time, but is it time to time our actions so they go according to time? Time is temporary; the words “temporary” and “temporal” (time) both come from the Latin temporalis, which means “time”. From a physics perspective, time … Read more

Postpositions: Modal

INTRODUCTION Modals. They’re the every Instagram influencer out there. Wait, they’re models. I was actually thinking of the parts or units that can be used to construct a more complex structure. Wait, that’s module. What I really mean is a learning platform or course management system. Wait, that’s Moodle. Let me think again. They are words that tell … Read more

Postpositions: Local

INTRODUCTION The farmer’s market near where I live sells a lot of locally produced organic produce, which they claim to contain a thousand good qualities. What is so local about them? Well, when you say something is locally made, you refer to a particular location at which the thing is manufactured at. In case of … Read more

Postpositions: Causal

INTRODUCTION Correlation does not equal causation, or so the saying goes. Yet sometimes, you just can’t help but wonder why the global temperatures are rising while the number of pirates are decreasing. Are they somehow related? We’d never know. Yet, when you look at cause and effect at a grand scale, there are certain times … Read more

Postpositions: Introduction

INTRODUCTION  Imagine your old teacher whittling you away with prepositions, how it functions, and why prepositions are things you never end your sentences with. Can you ever escape the nightmare? With Nepali, you can! Featuring only postpositions, you no longer have to ever worry about ending your sentences with prepositions ever again. But in a … Read more