Vocabulary: Swear Words

What is the fun in learning a language when you don’t know any swear words? Come on, even kids say ‘Stupid!’. Now very offensive words are omitted (obviously) so the swear words below are the ones you can use to scold people, sometimes. Use with caution!

Die = मोर्! (mor)

Stupid = मुर्ख (murkha)

Idiot = गधा (gadhaa) (literally ‘donkey’)

Crazy = पागल (paagal)

Psychotic = बौलाहा (baulaha)

Shut Up! = चुप लाग्! (chup laag)


Here is one word that is frequently used to scold people but has no meaning:

साले (saale)

Saale is used like example:

Taile ke Gareko Saale! 


Which means ‘What did you just do you scoundrel!!’ 

It is obvious that the person is scolding him for doing some reason. And like I said, IT has no meaning.