Vocabulary: Baby Words

Baby words are words that you would use as a child, or with young children. Such words are called शिशु शब्द (śiśu śabda) in Nepali. An example in English would be boo-boo, which refers to an injury.

Catसुरी (surī)
Cloth(es)नाना (nānā)
Cowबाँ (bā~) [lit. moo]
Dogभौभौ (bhaubhau) [lit. woof-woof]
Excretionआची (ācī)
Foodपापा (pāpā)
Ghost; Insectगुजी (gujī)
Ornament(s)चाचा (cācā)
Meatचिची (chichī)
Milkबुबु (bubu) [slang for breasts]
Tikaटिकी (tikī) [a mark on forehead with religious significance]