Vocabulary: Health Problems

We do feel sick, sometimes. 

Fever: ज्वोरो (jworo)

Wound/ Injury: चोट (chot)/ घाउ (ghau)

Symptom: लक्षण (lachyan)

Cold: रुघा (rugha)

Cough: खोकी (khoki)

To have a Headache: टाउको दुख्नु (tauko dukhnu)

Patient: बिरामी (birami) / रोगि (roghi)

Sickness: रोग (rog)

Vomit: छाद (chhad)

To vomit: छाद्नु (chadnu)

Diarrhea: पखाला (pakhala)

Diabetes: मधुमेह (madhumeha)

Cataracts: मोतिबिन्धू (motibindhu)

Cancer: क्यान्सर (kyanser)

Did you know that DIabetes is referred in Nepal as ‘Sugar’ while Hypertension as ‘Pressure’? Don’t be shocked when people say ‘Sugar ra Pressure le satairacha’ (Lit. Sugar and Pressure is bothering me)

Also, Motibindhu literally means ‘Pearl-Eyed’ 

Diarrhea is also called ‘Cherpati’ or ‘Cherauti’

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