Vocabulary: Terms Related With Death

For some reason the earlier lesson with the same name got deleted and I still don’t know how. So, this is just the same thing, intended to fill that ‘Dead’ link that had stayed for some pretty long time.

Corpseलास (lās)
Cremation Pyreआर्यघाट (āryaghāṭ)
Death Godयमराज (yamarāj)
Death/Demiseमृत्यु (mṛtyu)
Final Ritesअन्त्येष्टि (antyeṣṭi)
For the end to comeकाल आउनु (kāl āunu)
Funeralमलाम (malām)
Graveyardचिहान (cihān)
Heavenस्वर्ग (svarga)
Hellनरक (narka)
Mournerमलामी (malāmī)
Soulआत्मा (ātmā)
To Die (euphemistic)खस्नु (khasnu); बित्नु (bitnu)
To Dieमर्नु (marnu)
To killमार्नु (mārnu)

Here are some more specific words in Nepali:

दागबत्ती (dāgbattī) = A rite where the son or the closest kin keeps a burning entity over the mouth of the mortal remain

वैतरणी (vaitaraṇī) = A mythological river filled with foul and disgusting things like Blood, Flesh, Pus etc. It is believed that this is the river one must cross after he/she dies. 

निर्वाण (nirvāṇa) = Emancipation from the cycle of Rebirth