Folktale: Why We Cannot See Death

This is a rather interesting folktale from Nepal. I am very unsure about the details, but I do know the gist of the story. So let’s just say that this is my own twist to the story. There are many different words for ‘death’, but the one used here is ‘काल’ (kaal). काल (kaal) can also mean time, … Read more

Folktale: The Rhododendron And The Alder Tree

Today, I will narrate you a story about The Rhododendron and The Alder Tree. First and foremost, you must know what those trees are!  A Rhododendron tree (specifically the Tree Rhododendron) is a type of plant that blooms around The Spring Season. It is called as ‘लालीगुराँस’ (lali guras) in Nepali and is found in Hilly … Read more