Folktale: Why We Cannot See Death

This is a rather interesting folktale from Nepal. I am very unsure about the details, but I do know the gist of the story. So let’s just say that this is my own twist to the story. There are many different words for ‘death’, but the one used here is ‘काल’ (kaal). काल (kaal) can also mean time, … Read more

Poem: Garib

गरीब (garib) is a poem by Laxmi Prasad Devkota. If you have been following poems in this site, you must know who Devkota is. He is a very famous poet in Nepal, given the title of ‘mahakavi’ (great poet).  गरीब (garib) means ‘Poor’ in Nepali. A poetry written about the wealth in poverty, you sure can expect … Read more

Poem: Kisan Ko Rahar

किसानको रहर (kisan ko rahar) is a poem by Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Laxmi Prasad Devkota is a very famous poet, so much that he has been given the title of ’mahakabi’ which means ‘Great Poet’. He is basically the Nepali version of Shakespeare! (although Laxmi Prasad did not really write dramas…) The word ’kisan ko rahar’ means ’Aspiration(s) of … Read more

Story: The Lion And The Rabbit

The Lion and the Rabbit (सिंह र खरायो /sinha ra kharayo/) is a famous tale in the South Asian Region. It tells of how a rabbit managed to fool a lion. This story is a Grade 2 story. Before I proceed with the story, सिंह which means ‘Lion’ is spelt as ‘see-huh’ with a nasalization on the ’si’. There … Read more

Poem: Satya Sandesh

The poem ‘सत्य सन्देश’ (satya sandesh) is a poem written by Kabi Shiromani Lekhnath Paudyal (कविशिरोमणि लेखनाथ पौड्याल). His real name is Lekhnath Paudyal, Kabi Shiromani is his title. He is one of the most known poets of Nepali and his poems are among the most read. Did you know that Lekhnath means ‘Lord of Writing’ सत्य सन्देश (satya sandesh) literally translates into ’Truth Message’. … Read more

Story: Leaves Of Neem

This time’s story is ‘नीमको पात’ (neem ko paat) which translates to as ‘Leaves of Neem’. Neem (azadirachta indica) is also known as the Indian Lilac, Nim Tree amongst other names. Neem is considered to be highly medicinal plant by the science of ayurveda (Alternative Medicine) among other things. However, the only thing you need to … Read more

Story: The Vanity Brought By Wealth

Today, on the occasion of Word Earth Day, I will tell you a story completely unrelated to it. Fanfares aside, the title of the story in Nepali is ‘धनको घमण्ड’ (dhan ko ghamanda) which literally means ’Wealth’s Vanity’ but is more close to saying ’Vanity brought by Wealth’. This story is a GRADE 4 story and it contains elements … Read more

Story: Cook Kit! Cook!

Today, I will tell you a short story entitled ‘पकाऊ भाँडा पकाऊ’ (pakau bhada pakau). This short story is a grade 3 Story, hence the words used are simple and clear. The title literally translates into ’Cook Utensil Cook’ but I wanted the title to be a pun, so it is ’Cook Kit! Cook’. Get … Read more

Folktale: The Rhododendron And The Alder Tree

Today, I will narrate you a story about The Rhododendron and The Alder Tree. First and foremost, you must know what those trees are!  A Rhododendron tree (specifically the Tree Rhododendron) is a type of plant that blooms around The Spring Season. It is called as ‘लालीगुराँस’ (lali guras) in Nepali and is found in Hilly … Read more

Poem: Paap Laagcha

The poem ‘पाप लाग्छ’ (paap lagcha) was penned down by the Great Poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota. It is a grade 4 poem. ‘Paap lagcha’ or ’Paapa laagcha’ roughly translates into ’Sin befalls’. But it isn’t that. It has no exact translation, because ’paap laagnu’ means like, you do something bad and Karma strikes you, or god curses you … Read more