Guffgaff: Superstitions

Every society has superstitions, and Nepali happened to have, too. Superstitions are called अन्धविश्वास (andhabishwas) in Nepali. andhabishwas consists of two words, ‘andha’ which means blind and bishwas which means faith or trust. So ‘andhabishwas’ literally means ’Blind Trust’ or ’Blind Faith’. Here are some noteworthy superstitions you might want to check out: Whistling at Night: If you whistle during night times, then you are asking the devil or … Read more

Song: Nepali – 1974 AD

‘Yo maan ta mero Nepali ho’ is a famous Nepali song sang by 1974 AD. It translates to : This heart of mine is a Nepali. If you sing this song, then I am sure you will gain some respect from us Nepalis. To go to the video of the song, click HERE. I won’t provide … Read more

Guffgaff: Jokes

Sorry for not posting for a week. Internet service was unavailable due to ‘sever problems’. Never mind that. I added a new section of short lessons with the hashtag (or tile or whatever you like to call it) ’Guffgaff’ (previously called Gaffgaaff). Gaffgaaff literally means ’gossip’ but here I’ll be using it for short lessons, tales, stories, trivia … Read more

Introduction to Nepali

INTRODUCTION Namaste! You now know how to greet someone in Nepali. Nepali is a language spoken in Nepal, India, and other places, and is the lingua franca and the official language of Nepal. Nepal is a small country located between India and China, and is home to the highest mountain in the world, the Mount … Read more